Super Classy Partitions

Perfect for putting room, living room, restroom, hotel, etc..Perfect for adding a touch of classic charm to a variety of spaces in your home.Eye-catching  mathematical pattern which will decorate your home wonderfully
It can be used as wall art, a divider, a screen, or a window treatment,Interior room dividers, wall cladding etc.It can be hung vertically, also can be fixed to  the wall.Brand New and high quality
Material: Metal
Color: Golden
Size: Approx.   14.30inches X 7.32inches or 15.75x 15.75inch

We also under take the partition creation for your room,  based on your room dimension.In that case please contact us .


Customize Same Design

In a room partitions can help in the some of the following ways.

To divide rooms, creating a more efficient use of the space within the room. As decorators and/or accent pieces to add character to room space.To hide areas of different usage or privacy protection.To decorate rooms for better home design effect.

We brings the very best of Indian artistry & craftsmanship .These room partitions  are Rare Design And Take lot Of time to Make Due to Fine Craftsmanship . Which Make every Individual Piece A Unique Look And Attract The Visitors Attention . These  room partitions  ,  not Available in Huge Quantity Neither they Can be Manufacture in Large Scale Due to Hand Carving these Pieces Take Too Much Time .

We also accept custome designs for your room based on your room measurements.


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